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Iandra Castle has select open days throughout the year. To confirm the dates please see contact information below. 

Address: Iandra Castle, Greenethorpe, NSW
Phone: 02 6383 9241
Email: info@iandracastle.com.au
Website: www.iandracastle.com.au

What is often refered to as Iandra Castle is actually called Mount. Oriel - Homestead & Pastoral Estate - at Iandra near Greenthorpe off the road to Grenfell in New South Wales. However the term Iandra Castle is now more widely used. 

Iandra Castle was established by George Henry Greene from 1878-1911, and represents a rare example of complete feudal-like estate, modelled on the English Manor System. It has no equal in New South Wales or Australia. The nearby village of Greenthorpe was built by Greene for his tennants. Greene pioneered share farming in NSW in 1892, and soon after the turn of the century, the Iandra estate produced the largest yield of wheat for that time - 100,000 bags. 

Iandra Castle embodies the iconic, optimistic image of Australia as “The Lucky Country”, appreciated now by the grandeur of the surviving, Edwardian Estate.

The house is situated 30 minutes drive from Cowra and is only open to the public on certain days of the year or for coach parties by appointment.