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Open Time:
Accessible at all times and admission is free

Address: Boorowa & Grenfell Roads, Cowra NSW 2794
Phone: 02 6342 4333      
Fax: 02 6342 4563

Email: info@cowratourism.com.au

There’s nothing like a living memorial to stir your soul. You’ll find two impressive examples in Cowra when you drive down our “avenues of honour”, located on the north and south of the Grenfell Road, and east and west of the Boorowa Road.

 Four hundred trees were planted by the Women’s Club in 1917 to represent all the young soldiers from Cowra and district who served in World War I.

Their towering presence is a reminder of how far we’ve come since that war; their beauty is an uplifting reminder of the brave men and women who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.