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Address:  “Ochre Arch”, 761 Goodes Lane, Pinnacle (via Grenfell) NSW 2810
elephone: 0425 760 596
Email: info@ochrearch.com.au
Website: www.ochrearch.com.au

All tours are by prior arrangement, and are welcomed at short notice (minimum 30 minutes) subject to us being able to allocate sufficient time, and the farm and prevailing weather conditions being suitable.


All tours are customised to suit visitor interests and time availability. 

2 hour tour:
Includes drive around the farm and morning or afternoon tea. Cost for small groups (minimum of 2) is $35 per person. For visitors not quite sure what they want to see we do have a base format that we offer.

4 hour tour:
Includes drive around the farm, lunch, and time for in depth discussion in a Q and A format. Cost for small groups (minimum of 2) is $60 per person. At least 24 hours notice will need to be provided to allow for catering.

Large groups: 
We are happy to have large organised groups come to the farm subject potentially to longer lead times. Program and pricing will be by negotiation/agreement.

Take the unique opportunity to have a guided tour of Ochre Arch farm. A 480 hectare property which showcases diversity, innovation, low carbon footprint, aboriginal heritage and sustainable agricultural practices. You can also share with your friendly and professional hosts, Phillip and Jan, their ‘tree change’ experience and their passionate connection to their land.

Visitors Transport Around the Farm

Most people like to drive their own vehicles around the farm, with us either travelling in the vehicle with them or leading via one of our farm vehicles. We ask that you stick to the designated tracks and drive at a leisurely pace. Some short duration walks are involved and are not suitable for those with physical disabilities.




Young families short tour: 
We recently hosted 3 young families who were pressed for time and had never been on a farm before. At the parents request we focused activities on the children and showed them our chooks, pet sheep, shearing shed, some artifacts, and took them to the top of the farm to see the cattle and enjoy for a moment some panoramic views.